The Guillotine: Quick and painless, but was it the best punishment?

The guillotine was a device that had a big blade that was used to behead prisonors of the Revolution. This device was used mainly during the French Revolution to kill the traitors of the Revolution. During the French Revolution, it seemed as if people were beheaded daily because they were not followers of the Revolution. At the time, this option was thought as quick, painless, and the best solution to punish all the traitors. But was this really the case?

During the time of all these killings, there were other men dieing from the war between France and  Austria, as well as Austria’s ally, Prussia.  So not only were people dieing daily from the guillotine, but from the war that France was fighting and on top of that, they were losing the war. In total, the Gullotine had killed over 15,000 people during the French Revolution.

Now, lets say we get rid of the Gulliotine. If there was no killing of people by the Guillotine, those 15,000 people accused of being traitors could have been helping the French on the battlefield as their punishment instead of having no worth and just being executed. 15,000 people may not be a lot, but those people could be the difference between a win or loss of a battle.

In conclusion, the guillotine was a way to kill people who were traitors of the French Revolution, but it was not the best way to do it. If there was no guillotine and the 15,000 people who were sentenced to death were instead put on the battlefield, it would then save lives of non traitors and make the war during the French Revolution a much easier war to win.


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